June 23, 2008

We Won a Bronze Anvil!

Great news! Illadates just got honored by the Public Relations Society of America. They awarded us (and the forward-thinking folks at GPTMC & uwishunu.com who financed it, promoted it and hosted it) with a Bronze Anvil for "superior performance in the design and execution of individual tactics within broader public relations campaigns." Pretty rad, eh?

“The Bronze Anvil Award annually celebrates the growing scope, creativity and strategic importance of public relations tactics, and represents the highest level of tactical achievement in the public relations industry,” said Arthur Yann, 2008 Bronze Anvil Award committee chair. “The outstanding work done by this year’s recipients is truly deserving of such noteworthy recognition from their industry peers.”

And please pardon me, but I can't help use this opportunity to share one of my banner ads I made last year (when we were still called "Cheap Dates"). It makes me laugh:

We know it's been since December that we've made a new video, and we hope to make more soon. Stay tuned!

December 20, 2007

Illadates Episode 24: The Winning Illadate

A while back, we decided it would be fun to have a little contest to see where you would go on a date in Philly.  Well, after a bunch of great ideas, we decided to go on Carl and Melissa's suggested date in West Philly.  They took us to some new places for them - to do some exploring - and some of their old favorites.  First up, Bubble House for tea and appetizers.  Then, up the street, we did some gift shopping at Black Cat.  A little further up, we went to see the sound installation exhibit at the ICA.  Dinner at Pattaya Thai Cuisine and coffee at Metropolitan warmed us up before we hit the Rotunda to check out the night's activities.

Thanks for watching Season Two of the Illadates Show!  This is the last episode of the season, and we hope you all have a great holiday season and a fantastic New Year.

December 12, 2007

Illadates Episode 23: Fishtown

Audrey and Mark head to their old stomping grounds of Fishtown!  We hit up Canvas Cafe for espresso and treats, then went across the street to play around with some of DiPinto's Guitars.  Then we walked over to Penn Treaty Park on the edge of the Delaware to watch the sunset.  And finally, it was off to our favorite spot in the whole city - Johnny Brenda's.  We ate dinner there, hung out with some friends and caught some great music at the venue upstairs.  We adore that place!

December 06, 2007

Illadates Episode 22: Washington Avenue

Not many people think of the battled old thorofare of Washington Avenue, the wide street that cuts through the length of South Philly as a date destination.  But leave it up to Audrey and Mark to show you a good time!  Factory-direct Philly soft pretzels, amazing Vietnamese pho and the cool, geeky kitch that is the Mummer's Museum. 

November 29, 2007

Illadates Episode 21: University City

Audrey and Mark head over to the green pastures of University City, for a lovely fall stroll around campus at Penn, then to eat lunch at the famous White Dog Cafe.  They hit up The Marvelous for a bit of records and comics shopping and then catch a matinee art film at the International House. 

November 14, 2007

Illadates Episode 20: Gayborhood

Audrey and Mark head down to 'the neighborhood called the gayborhood' in Center City. So much to see and do, great shopping, eating and drinking. They start out with a trip to Giovanni's Room, the landmark bookstore, then head next door for cocktails at Mixto. Then it's off for dinner at the fabulous rising star, Lolita where they dine on some of the most innovative Mexican dishes this side of the Mississippi. They cap off their evening with cappuccinos at Brew Haha on 12th Street.

November 07, 2007

Illadates Episode 19: Northern Liberties

Finally!  A home neighborhood date!  Audrey and Mark cruise around the neighborhood where they live, NoLibs.  First, it's off to one of Audrey's favorite boutiques, Conspiracy.  Then, some boytime fun at the North Bowl bowling alley. The Standard Tap is a must for any outing in NoLibs, we couldn't miss it.  We had a couple beers and their fantastic beet salad.  On our way to Sovalo for dinner we got sidetracked by the excellent new eco-friendly boutique Arcadia.  Check it out!

November 01, 2007

Illadates Episode 18: Old City

Mark and Audrey head down to Old City on a quiet Monday evening to avoid the big crowds that descend en masse on weekends to this bustling neighborhood. They head to aka music for some record shopping, Big Jar Books for a lil' light readin', and then up on to the footpath on the Ben Franklin Bridge to watch the sunset from high above 2nd Street. Then, it's off to Eulogy for a selection of a couple of their more than 300 beers, and for dinner at Kabul, one of two excellent Afghani restaurants on Chestnut Street.

October 25, 2007

Illadates Episode 17: The Italian Market

The Italian Market on south 9th Street definitely makes the cut on the Philly 'must-see' list.  Audrey and Mark head down for an afternoon of shopping, cafe-sittin' and fun.  Sabrina's for brunch, Gleaner's for coffee and more...

October 18, 2007

Illadates Episode 16: Port Richmond

Port Richmond isn't the first place to pop into most young urbanite's mind when pondering a date, but it should! It's a great neighborhood, the heart of the Polish American community in Philadelphia. Audrey and Mark head up there in Episode 16 to have dinner at Syrenka, one of the most famous Polish restaurants in town. They ride the historic trolley Route 15 up there and have a beer at Byrne's Tavern. Join us!

October 12, 2007

Illadates Episode 15: Mount Airy

Audrey and Mark head out to Mount Airy to check out what's happening and they stumble upon some great shops and cafe's. Craziness ensues when they get to Past & Present, the amazing costume shop on Germantown Ave.

October 04, 2007

Illadates Episode 14: Queen Village

In Episode 14, Audrey and I take you down to the heart of Queen Village in South Philly, home to Fabric Row, the Famous Fourth Street Deli and tons of fantastic thrift, vintage and antique shopping. Welcome to Philly, y'all. Have good dates.

September 27, 2007

Illadates Episode 13: A Dandy Date

We're back and better than ever! We had to change the name, we hope you like it. Illadates. The video podcast made with love for all your Philly dating desires. Okay, not ALL your desires. Get that mind outta the gutter, pal.

In Episode 13 of Illadates, we decided to try something new. Let us know what you think! A double date with a couple of guest stars! Writer, blogger, dandy extraordinaire, soon-to-be-portrayed-by-Johnny-Depp-on-film (truth!) Lord Breaulove Swells Whimsy and his lovely wife Lady Pinkwater brought us to some of their favorite spots in town.

We started by a fanciful walk through the lovely historical Bartram's Garden, birthplace of American horticulture. Then, true to dandy form, we had a late afternoon aperitif at Caribou Cafe on 12 & Walnut. Beau Monde's amazing crepes finished off our evening but not before we stopped into Anastacia's Antiques, a curiosity shop on Bainbridge Street not to be missed!

July 25, 2007

Illadates Episode 12: Manayunk/Roxborough

Audrey and I pull off our cheapest date yet, heading out to the north west corners of Philadelphia in search of secret spots with awesome views, the best damn cheese pizza money can buy and an amazing hike through the nation's largest park inside city boundaries. Come see what we found!

July 24, 2007

Illadates Episode 11: Chinatown

One of the best places for inexpensive food and interesting shops, of course, is Chinatown. A wealth of fun, cheap dating awaits. We hit up lots of quirky shops like the Hello Kitty Store and the Underground Asian Supermarket. We get a Flaming Volcano at Vietnam and finish our evening off with $4 custom made noodle bowls. Yum!

July 16, 2007

Illadates Episode 10: Baltimore Avenue

Audrey and I head out to one of our favorite areas of Philadelphia, Baltimore Avenue. Specifically 48th through 50th Streets. Lots of great restaurants and community here. We start off at the Satellite Cafe for iced coffees and a chat with our pal Andrew, then over to Vientiane for a great south east asian dinner. Afterwards, it's free jazz in Cedar Park and cold beers at Dahlak's back bar!

July 05, 2007

Illadates Episode 9: G-Ho and the River

Audrey and I explored 'South West Center City' in this episode because we really wanted to show you the Schuylkill River Trail which is one of our favorite little romantic spots. Went for drinks at Grace Tavern and tried their famous 'fried green beans', then went to a great new restaurant in G-Ho called Divan Turkish Kitchen.

June 28, 2007

Illadates Episode 8: Penn's Landing

This is an older episode we shot a few weeks back... you'll know by the references to "when it gets warm out"... Clearly, it's hotter than hades now.

Anyway, we had a good time out on Penn's Landing... another desto for tourists that has escaped under our hangin' out radars. We hit up the volunteer-run Gazela sailboat, stroll the boardwalk, eat lunch at Moshulu, then explore the finer details of the Independence Seaport Museum. Enjoy!

June 21, 2007

Illadates Episode 7: Goes to Jail

ARGH! We're off to jail! Nah, really we just wanted to check out Eastern State Penitentiary, one of the oldest and creepiest buildings in Philly. We took the Steve Buscemi-guided audio tour, then headed to Mugshots for coffee, Rembrandt's for a light dinner and then it was off to Philly Flavors for some soft serve. Oh yeah!

June 13, 2007

Illadates Episode 6: Historic District

Since we live in the city, we often forget to go do the really touristy things like visit the Historic District on a Saturday afternoon. We hit up Cafe Ole for lunch, then cruise through to the Betsy Ross House, the Liberty Bell and soak up some revolutionary beers at The City Tavern. Good times.