July 05, 2007

Illadates Episode 9: G-Ho and the River

Audrey and I explored 'South West Center City' in this episode because we really wanted to show you the Schuylkill River Trail which is one of our favorite little romantic spots. Went for drinks at Grace Tavern and tried their famous 'fried green beans', then went to a great new restaurant in G-Ho called Divan Turkish Kitchen.


Free Schuylkill River said...

Cute video! Please check out our website about the Schuylkill River Park Trail and the campaign to keep the Locust Street (and Race Street) crossing open and available for young lovebirds to use to get into the Park! www.freetheriverpark.org

magdalenus said...

Thanks, guys! :) We'll pass the word around!

Jim Kelly said...

very nice...I miss the river park...will be back to daily walks there in the fall