October 18, 2007

Illadates Episode 16: Port Richmond

Port Richmond isn't the first place to pop into most young urbanite's mind when pondering a date, but it should! It's a great neighborhood, the heart of the Polish American community in Philadelphia. Audrey and Mark head up there in Episode 16 to have dinner at Syrenka, one of the most famous Polish restaurants in town. They ride the historic trolley Route 15 up there and have a beer at Byrne's Tavern. Join us!


iconjohn said...

Thankyou Septa for restoring the 15 trolley! But I still curse you for killing the 23!

Anonymous said...

You guys missed some of the greats of Port Richmond - Tacconelli's (reviewed in Wine Spectator for their pizza, and GQ), Hinge (our cool little coffee shop) and kind of showed the underbelly which is Richmond Street. Although it is currently under construction, and we now have new shops (an old-fashioned candy shop, etc..) opening there...it would have been great to see the community. And you didn't mention the picture of Robin Williams at Syrenka! He ate there too!