June 23, 2008

We Won a Bronze Anvil!

Great news! Illadates just got honored by the Public Relations Society of America. They awarded us (and the forward-thinking folks at GPTMC & uwishunu.com who financed it, promoted it and hosted it) with a Bronze Anvil for "superior performance in the design and execution of individual tactics within broader public relations campaigns." Pretty rad, eh?

“The Bronze Anvil Award annually celebrates the growing scope, creativity and strategic importance of public relations tactics, and represents the highest level of tactical achievement in the public relations industry,” said Arthur Yann, 2008 Bronze Anvil Award committee chair. “The outstanding work done by this year’s recipients is truly deserving of such noteworthy recognition from their industry peers.”

And please pardon me, but I can't help use this opportunity to share one of my banner ads I made last year (when we were still called "Cheap Dates"). It makes me laugh:

We know it's been since December that we've made a new video, and we hope to make more soon. Stay tuned!


ryder said...

looking forward to more date videos!!

phreaked said...

Hey, I just discovered your blog and think it's absolutely wonderful!

Now that you have the Bronze Anvil to re energize you, please post more videos!! :)

Ian said...

I love your blog, it's such a great read and even better experience to go out and actually do. You have some great ideas and I have to admit I've definitely attempted a few with a woman. I've recently started writing a blog about local food reviews in the Philadephia/South Jersey area and will definitely be featuring some places from your blog.


Mark Schoneveld said...

Thanks, Ian! I'm glad you enjoyed.

I wish we could make more Illadates episodes, but unfortunately, the funding hasn't come through. It was great while it lasted, though! We hope to do more projects in the future.

Anonymous said...


Bridget said...

hahaha I love that banner.

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